With more than 20 years of experience, we aimed to provide timely notification to our customers. All the necessary mobile devices and vehicles are accessible by our personnel in order to be able to respond urgently to solve the problem in time.

  • Address: Istanbul Airport
    Arrival Terminal
    Arnavutkoy, Istanbul, TR
  • Telephone: +90 212 465 87 52
  • E-mail:

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Comprehensive maritime service with specialized experts in their fields.


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As Murat Shipping, our main field of activity consists of all Turkish Ports, Shipyards, Çanakkale and Istanbul Strait Transit Passages.

Address: Istanbul Airport, Geliş Katı , 820517 Arnavutkoy, Istanbul, TR Telephone: +90 212 465 87 52 Telephone: +90 530 660 27 11 Telephone: +90 532 058 79 17 E-mail:

Working Hours

Monday to Sunday: 00:00 - 23:59

Why us ?

We continue to provide quality service without compromising.

Our experienced staff specialized in dry loading, repair, agency, crew replacement, technical material supply and ship propeller is ready to offer all kinds of services by evaluating 24 hours customer requests with highest working standards and Competitive price.
In addition to providing the best assistance / advice from our technical department, customers who choose our agency partner will find additional opportunities and discounts for shipyard Servers.
We have made very special agreements with a group of experts from a number of companies / suppliers with the best names in their fields, so that our customers will need the best assistance services and ships to provide the most qualified products. This also gives us the opportunity to give Competitive price.
Our technical team specialized in machinery, steel and pipe works, mechanical, electronic and electrical works and supply are always ready to join your ship in case of urgent and timely request during ship transit / port operation.
Reliable technology, expert technical service, Competitive prices with reliable advice and services. We are proud to announce that we are ready to provide the best and best service to our customers.


Ship arrival and departure control operations


Ship crew change operations


24 hours customer service

The Straits Regulation

You can read the regulations of the Turkish Straits Sea Traffic Order.

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Marine Traffic

You can track the positions of ships in real time.

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Bosphorus Opening / Closing

Opening hours of Turkish Straits traffic

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World Ports

Map showing the location of the ports in detail

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Operation Service Survey

The smiling face of the staff during the execution of your business and transactions

The degree to which the Officers provide you with the necessary information and convenience to follow up your business

Your satisfaction with the agency and engine services provided by the Operations Department

Work Intensity


Murat Shipping

In the light of our long-standing experience in the maritime industry, we continue to serve quality with reasonable prices and timely action, which is the main value of long-term and lasting relationships with our customers and partners.

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